Statement on the Coronavirus

Our office wants to contribute to the common good in dealing with the present health crisis, and so for the mutual protection of our clients and ourselves we have voluntarily closed our practice to everyday business through to May 12th. We will attend to real estate matters which are on a fixed contractual obligation in that time period, employing common sense protective measures. Our email account will be monitored and you can get in touch with us there online. We will reassess the situation as May 12th approaches and update you at that time as to our next steps in dealing with the pandemic. Thank you for your co-operation and understanding.

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Services Offered




 - Commissioner for Oaths
 - Notary Public - Notarizing of documents
 - Wills and Powers of Attorney
 - Estate Administration and Probate
 - Real Estate
             - Purchases
             - Sales
             - Mortgages
             - Offers to Purchase
 - Business Law
             - Incorporations
             - Partnerships
             - Purchases and Sales